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Founded in 1842, Walworth® has ben a leader in the valve industry since its inception, continuing to utilize the latest technology for product improvement and the development of new products. Today, Walworth® offers complete lines of industrial valves in a variety of configurations, sizes, pressure classes and materials.

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Walworth® continues to meet and exceed the quality standards required for products used in Industral and Process installations. These valves are manufactured under and comply with strict international standards such as: API, ANSI, ASME, ASTM, MSS, NACE, AWWA, BSI, CSA, etc.

Walworth® Engineers are continuously evaluating our existing products utilizing all of today's advanced analysis and engineering tools to assure that Walworth® valves conform to customer requirements as well as industry standards. New designs are made following the same rigorous methodology and are tested in the lab under actual load/pressure conditions. Additionally, they are subjected to cyclic operation under pressure to determine wear/life expectancy.

All Walworth® manufacturing facilities operate under quality systems such as the International Standards Organization ISO-9001 series and American Petroleum Institute API Q1 Specifications for quality. These systems have been in place for more than 10 years and are audited for compliance by independent auditors for ISO and/or API as well as Walworth® customers.

Casting and forging product quality is assured through close control of Walworth® own foundry and forging facilities. The same type of close control is exercised over all of the Walworth® suppliers through continuous verification of materials as well as part, form, fit and function.

The Walworth® group of enterprises is dedicated to the design, manufacture and servicing of flow control products that effectively meet customer requirements.

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